Boy Scouts of America Learn and Earn from PIP

On Monday July 30th, Russell County Partners in Prevention presented to Boy Scout Troop 241 in Russell Springs.  The presentation included an overview of tobacco, alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs.  The Scouts enjoyed some hands on activities, including a demonstration of what it feels like to be a sufferer of emphysema, a disease attributed to heavy cigarette smoking.    We focused on the importance of making positive changes with personal decisions, as well as the issues kids their age face concerning drugs and alcohol.  Some participants even earned required credit from the presentation.  We would like to thank the group for the opportunity to share, and look forward to working with them again in the future!



Scouts from Troop 241 were kind an courteous, and eagerly partcipated in the hands on activities we presented!

Pictured here are the scouts participating in an activity that demonstrates what someone with emphysema experiences when they breathe.



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